If you are a visitor in Myanmar, going to a private clinic is much better than going to a hospital.  There are many private clinics and specialist clinics in Myanmar especially in Yangon. 

Prices are also reasonable for offered services.  But you may be advised for admission if your health condition is needed to be.  In that condition, you need to choose one of the bests in Yangon.  Here are a few recommendations.


Yangon General Hospital

Yangon General Hospital is a major public hospital.  As it is recently upgraded in majority, it becomes one of the best hospitals with great cost-effectiveness in Yangon.  It is a 1500-bed hospital with three medical wards, three surgical wards, one trauma and orthopedic ward and 24 specialist departments.  There are about 300 doctors and over 400 nurses who are internationally qualified.

As Yangon General Hospital is the teaching hospital of University of Medicine 1, Yangon, the Yangon Institute of Nursing and the University of Paramedical Science, Yangon, there are many internationally qualified and highly experienced consultants, physicians and surgeons that you are sure to get superior quality of health services and correct diagnosis.  Patients have to pay just for the costs of medicines used.

There are 24 specialist departments including Cardiac Medical Department, Cardiac Surgical Department, Neuro-Medical Department and Neuro-Surgical Department; 5 diagnostic departments and 7 auxiliary departments.  So, they can handle almost every case concerning your health.  Unless there are not enough basic facilities and equipments for each patient, these can be used as common and this fact will not remove Yangon General Hospital from best Yangon hospitals list.


Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital

Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital is a private international hospital and can be also considered as one of the best hospitals in Yangon.  It is a 174-beds hospital located in Pun Hlaing Golf Estate.  There are 6 operation theatres, full time emergency department, maternity ward, ICU, state-of-the-art imaging and laboratories.  There are many visiting specialist from Yangon and around the world.

There are 14 departments including Cardiology Department, Dental Surgery Department and Emergency Department.  There are also many services such as tertiary medical services including complex surgical procedures, emergency service, general health care service, imaging service and laboratory service.

In Pun Hlaing Siloam Hospital, 69 doctors including 24 residence medical officers, 30 part-time specialists and 15 exclusive full-time specialists are providing care and services.

There is also a specialist clinic under management of this hospital.  It is located in FMI centre.  That clinic has 18 rooms including six consultation rooms and two treatment rooms.  Available services from that clinic include outpatient services, anaesthetic services, dental services, endoscopic services and many others.


Pinlon Group of Hospitals

Pinlon Group of Hospitals is another best choice in Yangon.  There are 4 hospitals in this group which are three in Yangon and one in Naypyidaw.  Three Yangon hospitals are Shwe Gon Daing Specialist Centre (SSC), Pinlon Hospital and SSC Women’s Centre.  Shwe Gon Daing Specialist Centre is a 200-bed private hospital operating since 2001.  Pinlon Hospital is a private tertiary care centre with 300 beds for inpatients and 22 examination rooms for outpatient services.  In addition for international and out-of-town patients, a 41-room extended stay hotel named Pinlon Village Hotel and Resort is also available for transition.

They are offering many services including cancer centre, haemodialysis centre, laboratory services, emergency services and many others including successful living donor kidney transplantations.


Asia Royal Hospital

Asia Royal Hospital is an 11th Storey twin building located in Baho Street, Yangon.  It is operating since 2000 and also a good choice in Yangon.  There are also many services including specialist outpatient department service, dental care service, ultrasound service, cardiac echo service, haemodialysis service and endoscopy service.  Many visiting doctors offering health care services there and about one third to half are professor level.

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