During recent decades, Myanmar has become developing more and more than ever.  Also health care services are developing much that is complex cases like neuro-surgeries, cardiac surgeries, surgeries for parting joined twins, surgeries related to cancers and organ transplantations can be handled well in Myanmar. 

There are many internationally certified physicians and surgeons who are up to professor level and other doctors.  There are also many highly experienced visiting physicians, surgeons and doctors around the world in Yangon Hospitals.  But some peoples still consider going abroad for treatment.  This may be due to infrastructures, facilities and equipments used.

In some countries like Republic of Ireland, there are many criteria to go abroad for treatment.  One of the criteria is that “the treatment is not available in Ireland”.  And in addition, the patient needs to be referred by a consultant.  Self referrals or referrals from a G.P are not allowed.  The application and referral letter must be submitted in sufficient time to make assessment and decision prior to the travelling of the patient.  In Myanmar, it is not so difficult for that.

Here are the health conditions that many people consider to go to Thailand for treatment:



Cancer patients are top in travelling to Thailand.  Usual treatment options for most cancer are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  There are no rules that guarantee success.  Important fact in cancer is to be detected early.  It is never too early to start palliative care with other treatments including psychological support.


Organ transplantation

Patients required for internal organ transplantation also go to abroad including Thailand.  Living donor liver transplantation and living donor kidney transplantation are more usual.


Cardiac Surgeries

Patients required cardiac surgery such as valvuloplasty, valve replacement, coronary artery bypass graft and cardiac transplantation also go to abroad.


Pancreatic diseases

Some pancreatic diseases like acute pancreatitis and pancreas cancer are often severe with poor prognosis especially in elder patients.  In these cases, if the patient is fit enough for travelling, go abroad for treatment could be an option.


Cosmetic surgery

In cosmetic surgery, Thailand becomes one of the best in the world.  Many successful operations were done for international patients.  The prices for surgery are also relatively low.  There are also cosmetic health centers in Myanmar but those are much behind in experiences and popularity.  So, for a cosmetic surgery, Thailand would be a good choice.


Medical spas

Thailand’s medical spas and wellness resorts are also popular to the health travelers.  They are often appealing with breathtaking coastal surroundings.  Peoples around the world also become interested in preventable diseases and alternative treatment strategies.  Medical spas such as S-Spa in Bangkok have led the world in combining relaxation with clinical procedures under medical supervision.  Therefore, also for relaxing and high quality medical spas, Thailand is to be chosen.


Sex reassignment surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is also known as gender reassignment surgery, or genital reconstruction surgery.  It is a surgical procedure to alter the physical appearance and function of the existing sexual characteristics of a person.  Genital reconstruction procedures from male to female such as feminizing genitoplasty, penectomy and orchidectomy together with breast augmentation are very popular in Thailand. For those surgeries, going to Thailand is better.


Spine surgeries

Although many spine injuries can be treated without surgery, it is sometimes the best treatment option.  Many Thailand hospitals appeal to medical travelers with very new and highly technical spine surgery procedures.  These surgeons are also trained by a relative handful of specialists so travelling for spine surgery may not only save money but also have a chance to seek a very good neurosurgeon and state-of-the-art equipments.


Weight loss surgery

According to estimation of WHO, 1.6 billion people around the world are overweight or obese.  If excess weight were merely a matter of vanity or style, we might buy a bigger belt and forget about it, but we cannot.  Obesity is serious treat for health.  Also for this type of surgery, Thailand should be considered due to its popularity and low cost.


Fertility and reproductive health

Couples who have sex for a year without contraception and do not achieve pregnancy are defined as infertile.  Some couples are also not able to have a child due to repeated miscarriages.  There are many medical travelers to Thailand to get “assisted reproductive technology” (ART) procedure in which fertility of egg and sperm are made in a laboratory.

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