Fresh foods are required to make fresh dishes.  To get fresh foods especially in Myanmar, you have to go to the market early.  For details, it is to be explained by categories.


To buy fish

In most markets in Myanmar, some fresh water fishes like carp, river catfish, sheat-fish, short-headed catfish, hilsa etc are sold as frozen.  They are mostly deliver by ice-containing boxes from distribution.  These boxes are opened at the time of opening of market and so early morning is the best time to get them freshest.

Most salt water fishes such as pomfret, croaker, red snapper, tilapia, octopus and squid are also sold as frozen.  By going early, you can get the freshest of those fishes and are able to choose very well.  To check the freshness of those frozen fishes simply, you can check the gills whether they are reddish or not.

But if you want some fresh water fishes such as freshwater catfish, striped dwarf catfish, fork-tailed catfish, small fresh-water catfish, climbing perch, banded snakehead and loach etc, you don’t have to go early to the market.  The reason is those fishes are usually keep alive by the sellers before selling.  They make them “ready-to-use” when there is a buyer.  If you want to buy those, you will have the freshest of them anytime in the local markets.


Buying meat – also in the morning?

Meats such as pork, beef, poltary, duck , mutton and are generally fresh because those meats are delivered daily from the butcher daily.  The butchers start working very early in the morning (about 3:00 am) and distribute meat to the local market sellers.  So, they are fresh.  But by going early to the market, you can choose what you want from large variety of meats.  In addition, if you want some parts like pork ribs, visceral organs, brains, pork legs etc in small towns, you must go early to make sure to get them as these parts are not left in our local markets if you are late.

For poltary, you don’t have to go too early but you must check them carefully.  They are also slaughter by the sellers in early morning and directly delivered to the market for selling.  These are slaughtered in required numbers predicted by the sellers.  The reason to check is that most unsold meat from the other day are keep as frozen (usually cover with ices) and sold again in the next day.


To conclude

As I described, those conditions are recent conditions for most local markets in Myanmar.  As for me, I like going early to the market.  By going early, there are more advantages in choosing and buying not only for meats and fishes but also for the vegetables too.  In the market, some fishes can be got alive but for big fishes and meats, they will get more freshness in early times.  As the day pass, freshness of those fishes and meats become lost and it can also effect their taste.  So, whether you are a food lover or not, if you have to go to the market in Myanmar, the earlier is the better.

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