Health is the most important thing in our life. We can do what we want only when we are healthy. To maintain good health, we have to take care about our lifestyles, habits and manners to be healthy. We also take drugs like multi-vitamins drugs daily for maintaining a healthy life or others traditional or herbal or western drugs to treat diseases and to maintain healthy status of some non-curable diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

It is important to know what drugs we take and what its compositions are. Usually, western drugs can easily be known its composition. Most herbal drugs are also the same like that. But some traditional drugs do not show the composition correctly. Most of the traditional drugs usually contain various kinds of medical herbs at least four kinds in a drug. Sometime, we had heard about some traditional drugs containing powdered western drugs.

Whatever it is western, traditional or herbal drug, we should know its composition, dosage, side effects and directions to use at least. Here I would like to introduce some drugs which are really dangerous for your health.


Multi-drugs combinations

These are no doubt the first in the most dangerous drugs list. These drugs combinations can be easily bought from pharmacy stores, grocery stores and even from betel quad shops. There are many drug combinations such as for cold, for pain relief, for cough, for abdominal pain ect. Most of them can be bought at the price of 0.1$ per dose.

Why are they dangerous? The first problem is presence of one kind of antibiotics and many people don’t take these drugs properly for full dose. Taking antibiotics partially is a really big problem and main cause of appearance of new drug-resistance strains which will become a public problem and also affect the people who are not taking these drugs.

Also combinations for pain relief are not suitable for everyone. These combinations usually contain dexamethasone which will “virtually” relieve your symptoms within a very short time. Then, you will have to encounter the side effects of steroids.


Some traditional drugs

Many people in Myanmar believe that traditional drugs have no side effects. This is because most traditional drugs do not describe their side effects in instruction. Every drug has more or less side effects. Most traditional drugs in Myanmar contain Nwe-Cho which is called liquorices roots (Glycyrrhiza glabra). Liquorices had been used in both eastern and western medicines since many years ago. But it is a potentially dangerous one.

Liquorices contain a compound 50 times sweeter than sugar which will be a problem for diabetics. Liquorices should not be used more than one week by self. It can cause pseudoaldosteronism which is a condition with over sensitivity to a hormone from adrenal cortex. Common side effects include headache, fatigue, high blood pressure, heart attacks, water retention and swellings. Liquorices can also worse conditions in hormone sensitive cancers such as breast, ovarian, uterine and prostate cancer. It can also increase the risk of stillbirth!

But I have not seen a traditional drug with liquorices showing those side effects and usage duration. Some people even eat liquorices daily and usually in betel quads.


Baked salt

Baked salt is also used a drug in Myanmar traditional medicines such as Yat-Sarr and some Thway-Say. As people from Myanmar are already fond of salted dry fish and fish pastes, salt intake is usually higher than requirement.

Then, addition of baked salt in traditional drugs, risk for development of hypertension becomes very high.



You can buy any antibiotics, just like over the counter drugs, from pharmacy shops and even in grocery shops. Improper usage of antibiotics will definitely lead to appearance of new drug resistant strains which is also a high risk public problem.


Pain killers 

Over usage of pain killers and wrong usage of steroids are found in urban and rural area in Myanmar. Over usage of pain killers can lead to gastric problems which will need long term treatments and may even lead to gastric erosion which requires immediate surgical treatment.


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