For Myanmar people, drinking tea is a strong habit passed down from many years later.  You can easily find a tea shop in every town in Myanmar.  Most tea shops usually open the whole day time and some for 24 hours.  So, it is not difficult to find a tea shop and drink tea in many towns.  In every tea shop, you can get two types of tea: sweet tea and green tea.

Sweet tea is usually preserved with brewed liquid of dry sweet tea leaves, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk or whole milk.  Sugar is no use in preserving sweet tea in Myanmar.  Other types of tea such as lemon tea are also available.

Green tea is also available in every tea shop.  It is boiled water with dry tea leaves putting in.  Green tea is available free for every customer who visits a tea shop.  Coffee is also available preserving using grounded coffee beans powder.  But today, many coffee drinkers from Myanmar choose ready made coffee mix such as Nescafe.

Visiting to a tea shop and talking with friends is a strong habit and manner for Myanmar people.  Here, health benefits of tea (green tea) compared to coffee are about to introduce.


Body fluid replacement

Both tea and coffee can replenish body fluid.  But difference is tea is just pure water with adorable tea flavor.  Tea (whatever hot or cold) is capable to replace any fluid loss of your body due to sweating, doing exercises and hot weather.


Mental stimulation

Both tea and coffee are stimulants and contain the same amount of caffeine. But coffee has much more depressing effect which means it can reduce energy of your body.  Tea was usually drink to stay awake, study and meditate thousands of years ago while coffee became popular later.  Tea is also associated with mindfulness, calm, spirituality and solid health.  In addition, caffeine containing in coffee will drop shortly compared to tea.  So, if you want that stimulation effect for the whole day, tea is a good choice.


Prevention of cancer

Recently, much study show that green tea helps greatly to reduce chances of developing certain kinds of cancers.  Coffee does not have such benefit.


Antioxidant properties

An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules.  Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions that may damage cells. Antioxidant can also make you fresh, feeling great, sense of well-being.  Tea contains much more antioxidants compared to coffee.


Weight loss properties

Recent studies have showed that green tea can greatly help to reduce weight.  Not only tea can replenish thirst also it can start the body metabolism faster.  In addition, green tea is an absolute calorie-free drink while coffee contains much more calories.


Oral health

In oral health, tea has much more good effects rather than coffee.  Tea contains lot of fluoride which is good for your teeth.  In addition, drinking a cup of tea after each food will prevent formation of bad odors and reduce mucous production. Another fact is green tea will not change the color of your teeth like coffee.


Bone health

Drinking tea regularly is also good for the bones to become stronger and less likely to develop osteoporosis.  Tea can also promote healthy bone formation.  These benefits cannot be found in coffee.


Stress and immune system

Green tea is also been found to work as an anti-depressant according to some studies.  When you feel down, drinking a cup of tea may help to boost your mood.  Tea is also said to be to improve your immune system which you cannot achieve by drinking coffee.

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