Sexual lifestyles are changing with time around the world, especially in Myanmar. Culture is hugely changed in Myanmar during the recent decades as there are influences of Western lifestyle.

Sexual intercourse before marriage becomes very popular in Myanmar later that many people become accepting it as a part of the routine part of lovers. In days like Valentine’s Day, hotel rooms become full with young unmarried couples. Although the culture becomes influenced, sexual education of teenagers and young adults are still too low. This kind of education is still not present in the school curriculum. So, everybody, especially young people but not limited to, really need to know safe sexual practices. Here I would like to introduce a few simple ones.


KussUse condoms

It is also a well-known fact. Everybody should know how to use a condom properly. Using a condom properly has so many advantages. By using this, you can avoid an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  Condoms are widely available in Myanmar now, from pharmacy stores to betel quad shops. Don’t forget to buy a top quality one and check for date before using it.


KussDo not have many sexual partners

Having many sexual partners is one of the most unsafe practices. It will increase the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. The more sexual partners, the greater the risk is. Monogamy law is stated currently in Myanmar which is very good for safety of sexual relation between couples.


KussTake regular medical check-ups

Medical check-ups should be done regularly in both parties to get a safer sexual practice. Some diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C can be transmitted by sexual intercourse. These are not present in sexually transmitted infections but can be transmitted sexually. So, taking regular medical check-ups is also important for a safer sex.


KussBe natural

Our bodies are already being perfect for us concerning everything especially for sexual intercourses. For my suggestion, natural measures are the best for safer sex practices. Anything beyond natural measures would be more risky in sexual practices. Anal sex and instrumental sex are some examples.

Naturally, the purpose of anus is not for sexual intercourse and there are high risks of getting infections and other problems. Instrumental sex is another risky sexual measure to get an infection and injury. So, be natural and be the best.


KussRegular cleaning and checking conditions of your genitals

Personal hygiene is another important measure for a safer sex. Take care of your genitals for sores, discharges, itchiness, bad odor and something abnormal. If there was something abnormal, immediate medical consultation and, if required, getting treatment should be done. Some viral infections such as herpes or HPV, which can result in genital warts, can be transmitted by skin contact.


KussAlso consider protective measure for oral  sex

Some diseases and infections can be transmitted by oral sex if there are skin injuries or similar in contacting parts. Some diseases like hepatitis A, which can be prevented by vaccination, can be transmitted by oral sex. Putting a condom on penis or placing an oral dam over the vaginal or anal area before oral sex can help to protect against sexually transmitted infections.


KussTaking care about lubrication used

Sometimes you will want to use some lubrication during sex. If you use a condom, using oil-based lubrications will make your condom dissolve and destroy its protection. So, water-based lubrication should be considered when using a condom.


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