As running can be considered as “king” of exercises for fitness of the body, both jogging and sprinting are good choices for maintaining a healthy body. 

Running can assist people in losing weight and help to maintain shape and body composition.  It can also improve cardiovascular and respiratory health, improve cardiovascular fitness, promote immune system, increase bone strength and improve emotions.  There are many tracks for running in Yangon.  Here I will introduce you with 7 best running tracks.


Pyay Road

Starting from the junction of Pyay Road and Parami Road, the route is 3.6 km to the junction of Inya Road and University Avenue Road.  It is around the border the a beautiful lake named Inya.  Floor type is pavement and you can see many other peoples walking, running and doing exercise there.  You can also enjoy the breath-taking scenery of the Inya Lake and traditional breakfast from the shops nearby.


People’s Park

In People’s Park, there are many routes to choose for running.  You can enjoy a refreshing run there.  In the park, the floor type is also pavement and you can also choose a rectangular route which is just about 1 km only.  There are plenty of flowers and trees making your mild peaceful for the whole day.


Myoma Kyaung Street

Although it is a short route just about 1.7 km, you can enjoy a peaceful and quite run there.  Floor type is tar.  It starts from the junction of Ahlon Road and Myoma Kyaung Street and ends in the junction of Bogyoke Road and Myoma Kyaung Road. Nearby landmarks are Summit Parkview Hotel, Oriental House restaurant, National Theatre and University of Medicine 1 (Yangon).


Inya Road

Starting from the midpoint of the bank of Inya Lake along Pyay Road, the route continues to Inya Road upto the corner of Tha Htone Street.  From there along the Tha Htone Street towards University Avenue Road and then to Pyay Road to end the route at the starting point.  The total distance is about 6.5 km.


Kabar Aye Pagoda Road

Another route also contains University Avenue Road and Inya Road.  Starting from the junction of University Avenue Road and Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, the track continues along Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and then toward Inya Road and University Avenue Road to connect to the starting point.  This is a relatively a long track and it is 7.15 km.


Pun Hlaing Short Circuit

It is a nice track and distance is about 3.4 km.  It is just around Pun Hlaing Golf Estate and near Pun Hlaing River.  In this route, you can enjoy the beauty of Pan Hlaing River and fresh and adorable breeze passing over the Pun Hlaing river.  The floor type is also pavement.


Kandawgyi Lake

Starting from the Upper Pansodan Road and Myanmar Gone Yi Street, it is a circular route consists of Upper Pansodan Road, Ken Yeik Thar Road, Bahan Road and Nat Mauk Street.  The distance is 6.1 km and the surronding scenes are very beautiful.  It is around the famous Kandawgyi Lake and so you can enjoy the beauty and freshness of the lake.  Floor type is tar and nearby landmarks contain Kandawgyi Park, Bogyoke Park and Yangon Zoological Garden.  You can also enjoy fresh and delicious breakfast from local shops there.

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