As agriculture is main economy in Myanmar, endless fields of paddy and vegetables can be seen.  Vegetables are fresh and healthy.  In addition, as these are locally produced, prices are also cheap.  For now, I will explain details of 10 most healthy vegetables you can buy on our local market her ein Myanmar.



Lettuce is grown as food due to its succulent leaves and, also for its oil-rich seeds to produce oil.  It is often used for salads and mostly served together with Myanmar traditional fritters (known as A-Kyaw).  Lettuce is a rich source of vitamin K and vitamin A and also contains folate and iron.  It is very good for health and in our local market, you can buy a lettuce plant for 100 kyats (about 0.1 US$).



Cabbage can be found the whole year in our local markets.  It is mostly grown in Shan State and distributed to the whole country.  Cabbage is a rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C and dietary fiber.  It is eaten as raw, steamed or stewed.  It is also served together with traditional fritters.  In our local markets, you can buy cabbages by weight as a whole or portions as you want.  Common price for 1 kg is 600 kyats (about 0.6 US$).


Chinese cabbage (Napa cabbage)

As Chinese cabbage is a popular food, it can also be found easily in our local markets.  It is also mostly grown in Shan State as it grows best in a cool environment.  It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, iron mainly and also contains calcium and magnesium.  It is mostly eaten as stir-fried, stewed, or boiled and also as Korean food, as kimchi.  It can also be bought for 600 kyats for 1 kg (about 0.6 US$).


Chinese Watercress

It is very healthy and popular plant that you can buy from any local market.  Chinese watercress is semi aquatic tropical plant which is grown for its shoots and leaves.  It is also called as water spinach.  It mainly contains vitamin C and vitamin A and also contains magnesium and folate.  It is eaten as boiled, stewed or stir-dried alone or with straw mushrooms.  It is also cheap that you can buy a bundle of Chinese watercress at a price of 300 kyats (0.3 US$).



It is also known as bottle gourd which is a vine grown for its fruit and shoots.  As it can be grown anywhere, its fruit and shoots can be easily found in any local markets.  Calabash and its shoots are eaten as boiled, stir-fried or soup.  It is also an essential ingredient of traditional fritters as Bu-Thee-Kyaw.  It mainly consists of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium and also contains sodium, vitamin C, zinc and protein.  It can be bought the whole or as portion by weight at a price of about 400 kyats per kg (0.4 US$).



Asparagus is grown mostly in Shan State and distributed to the whole country.  It is very healthy, delicious and become more popular for its anti-cancer property.  It mainly contains sugar, protein, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and also contains vitamin K, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folate and iron.  The price is also fair that you can buy a bundle of ready-to-use asparagus at a price of 1000 kyats (1 US$).



There are locally produced fresh tomatoes in local markets.  It has a wide range of use such as dishes, curry paste, salads, stir-fried and drinks.  It is a rich source of vitamin C, sugar, fiber and moderately contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, manganese and potassium.   Price for 1 kg is about 500 kyats (0.5 US$).



Fresh cucumber is also a good choice for your health which is available at our local market.  It is usually eaten as unripe green form as the ripe yellow form normally becomes bitter and sour.  It is also a main ingredient of Burmese salads.  Cucumber is vitamin K rich food and also contains many other vitamins and minerals.  Price is about 600 kyats (0.6 US$) per kg.



Fresh cauliflowers are also mostly produced from Shan State and can easily be found in every local market.  It highly contains vitamin C with moderate levels of several B vitamins and vitamin K.  It is usually eaten as stir-fried with egg or meat or as vegetables stir-fry.  Usual price for a moderate cauliflower is about 500 kyats (0.5 US$).



Fresh carrots are also available at our local markets.  It is available the whole season and its usage is very wide such as drinks, salads, stir-fried, boiled and others.  It is rich in vitamin K and vitamin B6 and also contains beta carotene resulting in bright orange color.  Price of carrot is about 800 kyats (0.8 US$) for 1 kg.

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